Do you also build new websites?

Sure! If you need to start from scratch we recommend getting in touch to discuss.

Can I get plugins for my website?

Absolutely. Contact us to discuss the functionality you require.

Is there a limit to the number of pages I can have?

There’s no page limit you can have as many as you like.

I need help editing my content

We offer content management and content training services.

Do I need to host with you?

If you prefer to stay with you current hosting company that’s no problem.

I want to keep my current website, how do I remove the demo?

You can either contact us to remove the demo or it will automatically be permanently deleted after 3 weeks if we receive no response from you.

I love my demo, how do I claim it?

That’s great, simply click on the “Accept Demo” page on your demo which will take through to the accept and payment process.

Do you offer hosting?

Yes, we offer free website hosting for all our clients

Are WordPress and WooCommerce good platforms?

WordPress and WooCommerce is the world’s leading website platforms.

How do I get my website revived?

Please see our “How it works” process.

I have changed my mind, I want to have my previous website back?

We are sorry to hear this. Web Adviser websites have a 3 week money back guarantee policy.